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Prevailing wage a losing proposition

To the editor: As a general contractor in the state of Wisconsin, I can’t imagine anyone supporting the prevailing wage requirements other than union labor forces. Having bid on private and public projects, I can confirm that a project does, ...

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Obama has yet to lead the way

John Kiernan Dolan Media Newswires Long Island, NY – On Nov. 5, being a Democrat was a nice place to be. President Barack Obama had just been elected in an impressive victory. In Congress, the Democrats increased their majorities in ...

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Reforms deserve informed commentary

To the editor: Matt Pommer missed the mark with his partisan-hit piece on Congressman Paul Ryan, “Bipartisanship looks out of reach,” in the Feb. 23 issue. It is unclear whether Pommer believes the explosion of entitlement spending and implosion of ...

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Even The Terminator advises helping

Matt Pommer Is it right that we help people who may have overextended themselves financially and then lost their jobs? That question was posed to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as President Barack Obama pushed economic recovery plans. “Look, this is ...

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Give credit where it’s due

Hal Brown Dolan Media Newswires Portland, OR – Much has been written about the breakdown in the national credit markets. Nearly every day we hear banks are not lending and credit is nonexistent. As long as the myth of credit ...

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Stimulus will build roads to recovery

Mike Salsgiver Dolan Media Newswires Portland, OR – Now that President Barack Obama and Congress have passed the federal stimulus bill, the real work begins. States, communities and businesses must sift through the 1,073-page bill to understand money allocations, spending ...

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