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View from around the state: No state has been so ill-served by its governor as Wisconsin

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker pauses as he speaks at a news conference Monday, Sept. 21, 2015, in Madison, Wis., where he announced that he is suspending his Republican presidential campaign. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)

As he reacquaints himself with Wisconsin after three years of positioning himself as a presidential prospect in states such as Iowa and New Hampshire, Gov. Scott Walker traveled to rural northern Wisconsin. The governor announced a plan to expand broadband access for several communities, which was a good thing. Unfortunately, the plan comes very late, and with far fewer resources than if the governor was serious about developing the economy of Wisconsin.

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Around the Water Cooler


QUESTION: Has the late onset of winter weather been a benefit to the construction industry? Or does it really matter, since most projects are managed by schedules that were set months ago? Jim Hoffman, president of Hoffman Construction, Black River ...

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Build teams to bring everything together

“Builder” is derived from the Old English word “byldan,” meaning dwelling. For millennia, builders provided shelter from the elements. But as mankind multiplied and prospered, buildings came to provide benefits extending far beyond the shelter needed for survival. Man-made structures, taking in everything from European cathedrals to the Great Wall of China, came to stand among the world's wonders.

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