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Liquidated damages:

It is not uncommon for parties to agree to a liquidated-damages clause in a construction contract. The general theme of such a provision is that if the contractor does not complete construction within a certain number of days after construction begins, th

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Fuel diversity needed

Fuel diversity means having a wide variety of fuels to run the power plants that generate our electricity. If the number of different fuel sources is large, consumers are protected from the sometimes severe price swings of any one source. This keeps elect

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Your AGC on the Web

Have you ever moved into a new home and known exactly how you wanted to decorate only to find that things just didn't feel right? Revamping our Web site has...

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Selecting a new software vendor

A change in vendor status is one reason a company may decide to shop around for a new accounting/business management software solution. Another reason is often that your company may simply be outgrowing its cur

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Powering the Future: It's about competition

In today's global economy, it is hard to imagine that a business or government would make a multibillion dollar procurement decision without at least testing it against competitive market forces. Therefore, why has We Energies proposed building its own $4

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We Energies didn't police itself

We Energies' senior executives are spending a great deal of time and money to spread the word that Wisconsin's air will be cleaner as a result of the company's recent $600 million air pollution settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice and the Enviro

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