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Reference checks: The great void

Name, rank and serial number. That's all of the information I'll provide. While this might be an appropriate response for a prisoner during wartime, is this all that we can expect to give or get when we, as employers, are asked either to provide a referen

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Improving your business sense

This month marks the beginning of our chapter's 18th year serving subcontractors and the construction industry. Our area is fortunate having some of the finest construction associations in the nation.

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The new tax law

You've heard the saying, "The only thing for certain is death and taxes." Death remains pretty stable -- when you're dead you're dead. Taxes, on the other hand, are constantly changing.

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An interview with Vrakas

Dan Vrakas, R-Hartland, is a former small business owner who was elected to the Legislature in 1990. He has become recognized for his leadership on economic development legislation.

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Who's got the power?

Recently, many Wisconsin residents watching Milwaukee and Madison TV have been treated to unique and persistent ad campaigns aired by We Energies and a group known as Responsible Energy for Southeastern Wisconsin's Tomorrow.

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Cloudy finances

The Legislature has passed a $48.9 billion, two-year state budget without a state-collected tax increase, but there are dark financial clouds on the horizon.

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