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A meaningless measure

As part of a new Labor Department policy, businesses will be encouraged -- but not forced-to make workplace changes aimed at reducing repetitive-stress injuries. Perhaps after that we could encourage-but not force-employers to give all of their workers a

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'Here comes another tax hike!'

‘Here comes another tax hike!’ By Donald Croysdale April 16, 2002 Donald Croysdale Executive Director ASA of Greater Milwaukee Buried in the U.S. Senate version of an energy bill is a "stealth gas tax" exposed by the Wall Street Journal ...

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Tax comparisons

Tax comparisons By Matt Pommer April 15, 2002 Matt Pommer How shall we judge Wisconsin? In terms of total state and local taxes, Wisconsin is third in the nation. In terms of state and local fees, Wisconsin ranks 30th. In ...

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Batter up

Preparing for a tighter surety market It's early April in Wisconsin, and at least for the next few weeks people will be enthused and excited about the upcoming baseball season. It's also the start of a new construction season, and that brings to mind an a

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Campaign reform

Campaign reform By Matt Pommer April 8, 2002 Matt Pommer Should Gov. Scott McCallum get involved in seeking campaign finance reform in Wisconsin? To date, the governor has refused to sit down and work with key legislators to see if ...

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