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Cook's remarks misleading

Contrary to what Bob Cook of the Transportation Development Association said in your story, Budget Balanced 'On the Back' of Transportation, the governor's plan to shift $500 million from the state transportation fund to local aids simply reduces the subs

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My permit?

Mentioned in this Article Associated General Contractors of Greater Milwaukee Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Contact Resources Send an e-mail to the Editor The information in

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Money machine

Mentioned in this Article Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Contact Resources Send an e-mail to the Editor Martin noted only 43 percent of Wisconsin citizens voted in

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Unanswered questions

Time and budget are the wheels that keep the industry rolling. It's so common to hear happy contractors relate that a project was "on time and within budget" that the phrase has become a mantra for success in construction. It means that an owner

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AGC members rewarded for safety records

AGC members rewarded for safety records By Bob Barker Feb. 20, 2003 Bob Barker Executive vice president Associated General Contractors of Wisconsin Today’s contractors cannot afford to ignore safety. Project owners cannot afford to hire a company without a proven ...

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'Jim Millionaire'

‘Jim Millionaire’ By Don Croysdale Feb. 19, 2003 Donald Croysdale Executive Director ASA of Greater Milwaukee Chances are Gov. Jim Doyle’s budget message did not draw the same audience as Fox’s "Joe Millionaire" did Monday evening. In fact, to watch ...

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