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WisDOT budget analysis

Gov. Jim Doyle's proposed 2003-2005 budget recommendations were of concern to those interested in maintaining Wisconsin's commercial infrastructure. Doyle was recommending that the state transfer more than $500 million dollars of transportation monies to

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Power play

The only way the state Legislature can foul up a proposal offering incentives to municipalities that site power plants is to pass it too soon.

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Constructive Comments

We called up the Contractor Directory from the latest Wisconsin Builder on The Daily Reporter Web site and were amazed to count 79 construction industry associations listed in the state.

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Time to freeze?

The Eskimos are said to have a hundred ways to say "snow." Legislators have at least as many ways to say "freeze." The latest trial balloon being floated is to freeze state spending for three years, to go along with freezing local and county tax levies at

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Liquidated damages:

It is not uncommon for parties to agree to a liquidated-damages clause in a construction contract. The general theme of such a provision is that if the contractor does not complete construction within a certain number of days after construction begins, th

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Fuel diversity needed

Fuel diversity means having a wide variety of fuels to run the power plants that generate our electricity. If the number of different fuel sources is large, consumers are protected from the sometimes severe price swings of any one source. This keeps elect

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