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Wholesale politics

Wholesale politics By Matt Pommer Nov. 11, 2002 Matt Pommer Three legislative leaders are facing felony charges linked to campaign-finance activities, but others could share some of the blame. Former Senate Majority Leader Chuck Chvala, D-Madison, faces 20 felony counts ...

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No exceptions

In 1931, the Herbert Hoover administration passed the Davis-Bacon Act to mandate that all workers on public projects receive a fair, prevailing wage. Since its inception, Davis-Bacon has come to represent both an equitable standard for workers in the cons

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Constructive Comments

Constructive Comments By Dick Snow Nov. 7, 2002 Ins and outs of the morning after Dick Snow As an extremely welcome post-election silence descends upon us, we try to sort out what may have happened Tuesday or is happening as ...

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Bad news

Bad news By Matt Pommer Nov. 4, 2002 Matt Pommer There’s plenty of bad news awaiting the winners of Wisconsin elections. First there are the newly released state’s financial results for the 2001-2002 fiscal year. It showed the state, which ...

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