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Who pays for the cure?

Who pays for the cure? By Donald Croysdale Jan. 28. 2003 Donald Croysdale Executive Director ASA of Greater Milwaukee "Somebody else." At least that seems to be the policy du jour. This column could be about health care, and maybe ...

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State worker raises

State worker raises By Matt Pommer Jan. 27, 2003 Matt Pommer This year’s saga over unionized state employee pay raises has enough subplots to qualify for a soap opera. Players in the drama include 15 unions representing more than 31,000 ...

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Payment: Good to the Last Drop!

Payment: Good to the last drop "He who pays the piper can call the tune." - John Ray, English Proverb Reducing retainage a priority Reducing the retainage percentage on public work is a high priority issue for subcontractors and general contract

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Local burden

Local burden By Matt Pommer Jan. 20, 2003 Matt Pommer Local officials, especially school board members, will face difficult program choices this year as state government changes and reduces its share of funding for education. More than 60 percent of ...

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