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Gas tax uses

A major contest is building in the state Capitol over the uses of the state's gasoline tax, the central funding for the state transportation budget.

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New sheriff

At his very first State Building Commission meeting last month, Sen. Robert Cowles said, "This committee needs to go out of business for awhile." The Green Bay Republican, who is starting his first term on the commission, is committed, enthusias

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Constructive Comments

Constructive Comments By Dick Snow March 21, 2003 Dick Snow War and construction It’s a little mind-boggling to comprehend a decade has gone by since this country found itself in a full-fledged war against Iraq’s Saddam Hussein to liberate Kuwait. ...

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Getting paid

At last month's American Subcontractors Association chapter meeting, we talked about state laws that help you get paid. Up-front was the cautionary caveat that these laws won't obtain payment for you all by themselves. These...

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Property taxes

One thing seems certain in Madison --- state-collected tax rates won't be increased this year. But that could mean property taxes will jump and local services could be scaled back.

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