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Regulatory reform

On Jan. 22, Gov. Jim Doyle signed 2003 Wisconsin Act 118 into law, joining with legislative leaders Sen. Mary Panzer and Rep. John Gard in calling it the most comprehensive regulatory reform package in the history of the state.

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Sick and tired?

Forecasters seem to be all over the board these days. Good year, bad year. Low volume of business, to plenty of work abounds. One thing is for sure, the cost of doing business does not cycle, as do the forecasters.

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Barrett is better for Milwaukee

It would have been easy for the Metropolitan Builders Association to sit out the general election for the Milwaukee mayoral race. After all, the candidate we initially endorsed, David Clarke, was not able to rally the support he needed to emerge victoriou

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Taxpayers protected on projects

On Tuesday, the state Senate considered passage of AB-417, a bill to reduce retainage on construction projects. With Senate passage, the bill would go to the governor to be signed into law. The paramount objective for this bill is to provide needed cash f

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Outsourcing – It's what we do

Outsourcing is not a four-letter word, but some would like you to think so. From the times of Adam Smith, free economies have - through their nature - taken advantage of specialization. Individuals and businesses do what they do best. When they try to do

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