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Safety first

It seems an odd proposal for the Wisconsin Transportation Builders Association to oppose. The proposal is the American Subcontractors Association's request that federal transportation funds be set aside for work-zone safety programs. Specifically, what th

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Is Wisconsin next to get 'Burned'?

Is Wisconsin next to get ‘Burned’? By Donald Croysdale March 26, 2002 Donald Croysdale Executive Director ASA of Greater Milwaukee Unlimited additional-insured endorsements have jeopardized the ability of subcontractors to obtain liability insurance in Illinois. An adverse Illinois Supreme Court ...

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New budget effort

New budget effort By Matt Pommer March 25, 2002 Matt Pommer Wisconsin Republicans want badly to share the budget spotlight with Democrats. They almost are begging Democrats to grab the headlines and get Republicans out of the crosshairs of concerned ...

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Don't confuse him with the facts

Mentioned in this Article Madison Metropolitan School District Westra Construction Inc. Representatives Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Madison Related Article Lawmaker opposes Westra appointee to state board Contact Resources Send an e-mail to the Editor

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Political blunder?

Political blunder? By Matt Pommer March 18, 2002 Matt Pommer A former Republican legislator, widely respected on both sides of the political aisle, shook his head in disbelief at Gov. Scott McCallum’s proposal to cut the 2002 levels of shared ...

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