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Taking the plunge

Rather than drafting 10-story office buildings, architect Michael Welman said his early dreams involved hanging ten on ocean waves as a self-professed “beach bum” in his native South Africa.

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The Night Shift

It’s an upside-down life – going to work in the evening, laboring through the wee hours and trying to grab some sleep during the day – but the crews working on Highway 41 in Winnebago County say they’re glad to have the work.

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Group effort

It’s not easy coordinating the schedules of students from two schools and professionals from two firms, but such collaboration is a goal of the Urban Ecology Center’s latest project.

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Designed to fit

With a budget of less than $1 million, the designers of the new Wildlife in Need Center in the town of Ottawa knew they couldn’t include everything the building’s owners wanted, but they worked hard to ensure the best use of every available dollar.

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