Commercial Real Estate

Every quarter, The Daily Reporter takes a look at the latest trends and news surrounding the commercial real estate sector across Wisconsin.

From the market outlook to those making a name for themselves in commercial real estate, The Daily Reporter supplements its daily coverage of the sector with a special section focusing on commercial real estate every three months.


Greenfire officials predict Foxconn-related work will keep industry busy for years

Greenfire Management Services, a Milwaukee-based construction manager, is optimistic about the future of construction in Wisconsin, where a slew of development coming in the wake of the Foxconn project promises to add to an already strong market.

Service providers moving in where retail shops once thrived

With Wisconsin in the midst of both massive development projects and big shifts in shopping habits, the commercial-real-estate industry is likewise changing rapidly.

Real estate officials sees brick-and-mortar stores regaining ground

Online retailers are finding opportunities in an unexpected place: brick-and-mortar retail stores.

Will new taxes on online sales benefit brick-and-mortar retail?

Wisconsin officials' decision to tax online sales starting next month could further blur the line between digital and bricks-and-mortar retail, experts say.