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The Expediters, Inc.


The Expenditers, Inc.
400 N. Summit Moors Dr.
Oconomowoc, WI 53066
Phone: (800) 657-0879
Fax: (800) 261-3582
[email protected]

Providing accurate and unbiased information for over 20 years is a record that The Expediters, Inc. are proud to bring to the Sewer Inspection Industry and ction Escrow Inspection Industries. The Expediters are Uniform Dwelling Code, State Certified Building Inspectors and PACP Certified Sewer Inspectors. We have provided over 85,000 inspection reports for Lenders, Title Companies, Municipalities, Engineering Firms and Sewer Contractors. The only agenda The Expediters have is to provide the most accurate information possible, in a timely manner. Using some of the most technologically advanced methods available is helping to create uniformity, in both the Construction Escrow Inspection & the Sewer Inspection Industries. Over the past 20 years The Expediters, Inc has provided reports certifying hundreds of millions of dollars, for construction disbursement. Over the past 8 years, The Expediters have provided Municipalities, Engineers & Sewer Contractors over 4,000,000 lineal feet of Sanitary & Storm sewer digital data.

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