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You never forget your first (tweet)

If my laptop is on, Twitter is open.

I could be working on anything. I could walk away from my computer for hours. I could forget to load new tweets all afternoon, letting hundreds stack up in a logjam.

But it’s always on.

So I was really excited when I heard about Twitter’s new (toy?) tool that lets you put in any handle, as long as it’s a public feed, and find that person’s first tweet.

According to my first tweet, sent at 5:51 p.m. Nov. 13, 2010, I appeared to be watching some sort of woodland critter cage fight.


Upon further review, it’s probably from when I was an RA in college and took my residents to a hockey game.

The Daily Reporter, on the other hand, immediately got down to business.


Because I figured it would be important information you would want, Constant Reader, I whiled away my lunch break searching for the first tweets of Milwaukee’s government leaders and of the state’s construction firms.

Some people, such as Marina Dimitrijevic, chairwoman of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, were excited to introduce themselves to Twitter. Like, four-exclamation-points excited.


Others, such as Milwaukee Alderman Jim Bohl, skipped the pleasantries. He used his foray into Twitter to hint at some important lakefront news.


Some first tweets make sense, such as this one from the press account for Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.


And others are puzzling, such as this inaugural tweet from the Milwaukee Common Council account.


I was excited to find three first tweets that reference either The Daily Reporter or Wisconsin Builder, one of our past publications.




But the best first tweet I found came from Caley Clinton, associate editor for The Daily Reporter. Maybe my judgment’s clouded because I sit five feet away from her, but I think her initial exuberance is the find of the day.


Here’s the link to the first-tweet finder. Let me know if you find anything as fantastic as these gems.

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Beth Kevit is the Milwaukee city beat reporter and also covers real estate. She can be reached at [email protected] or 414-225-1820.

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