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Hoan Bridge in the news

Alderman compares Hoan Bridge work to war zone (VIDEO) 

A Milwaukee alderman has threatened to file a lawsuit on behalf of his constituents if contractors demolishing Interstate 794 in downtown Milwaukee continue their late-night operations.

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Hoan Bridge project to close freeway 

2-year project on Hoan Bridge begins 

Prep work starts on Hoan Bridge 

Walsh to start Hoan Bridge work in fall 

Familiar face returns to work on Hoan Bridge 

Bike path a no go for Hoan

State wants feedback on Hoan Bridge bike lane

Bicyclists peddle Hoan Bridge path

WisDOT to close ramp from Hoan Bridge on Aug. 1

Hoan Bridge, I-794 construction to start in 2013

Work to begin on Hoan Bridge redecking project

Zenith Tech awarded Hoan Bridge redecking project

Zenith Tech turns in low bid for Hoan Bridge redecking

Bids are out for Hoan Bridge redecking project

Lunda awarded Hoan Bridge prep work

Kraemer & Sons to begin netting work on Hoan Bridge, expect lane closures

Contracts awarded for Hoan Bridge repair work

Kraemer & Sons low bidder for Hoan Bridge project

Hoan Bridge fix prompts more road vs. rail debate

Legislators ask for rail money to repair Hoan Bridge

Hoan Bridge’s falling concrete sparks netting project

Lengthy dispute limits options for Hoan’s future

Hoan Bridge letter sparks concern

Milwaukee divided as Hoan debate escalates

Milwaukee County to consider limiting Hoan Bridge options

Hoan uncertainty breeds suspicion

City backs ramp for uncertain Hoan

Milwaukee plans to improve Hoan Bridge ramp

Hoan preservation comes with hefty paint price

Elected officials team up to protect Hoan Bridge

MMAC urges Hoan study

Hoan Bridge reconstruction debate revs up

Milwaukee alderman says Hoan rebuild must meet strict conditions

Bridge supporters: Leave the Hoan alone

WisDOT: Bridges, inspections have improved since 2001 audit

Thousands of overweight trucks punish roads and bridges

Official: No link in Minneapolis, Milwaukee bridge failures

Audit finds Hoan failure unavoidable

Cold, traffic, design caused Hoan failure

Hoan Bridge section gives out


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Milwaukee and Racine Counties/State Highway Letting

Milwaukee/State Highway Letting

Milwaukee/State Highway Letting

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