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Milwaukee-to-Madison line

Recent Stories

State to pay $9.75M in settlement over rail project

The state of Wisconsin will pay a Spanish manufacturer nearly $10 million for two trains it built that were never used after Gov. Scott Walker abandoned a rail project.

Missed connections: Lack of transit options hurting Milwaukee

Officials mull transit options to connect public with jobs

Claims Board derails railroad’s push for compensation (UPDATE) 

Attorney makes case for high-speed rail compensation (UPDATE) 

Canadian Pacific taking high-speed rail claim to state (UPDATE) 

View from around the state: Train talk worth pursuing 

Talgo’s $66 million claim rejected (UPDATE) 

State Claims Board to take up Talgo case (UPDATE)

Other Stories

Canadian Pacific wants state to pay $501K for work

Talgo seeks nearly $66M for canceled deal

Illinois agrees to spend $9M more on Amtrak

Board denies claim for Wis. high-speed rail work

GOP targets high-speed rail, transportation grants

Railroad wants $160K for high-speed work

Illinois Amtrak train hits 111 mph in test run

Feds reimburse state for high-speed rail

River route is preferred for high-speed train

State picks up tab for Milwaukee rail station upgrades

Rail project money bypasses Wisconsin

Steel for high-speed rail collects dust, fees

Talgo will cap Milwaukee work force at 65

Departing rail money puts freight line in a pinch

Talgo: ‘We can’t stay and manufacture in Milwaukee’

Milwaukee mayor offers angry response to death of high-speed rail

It’s official: High-speed rail is dead in Wis.

High-speed rail presenters face angry throngs

Attorneys prep for high-speed fail

Madison prepares plea for high-speed rail

Congressmen: Use high-speed rail money to cut deficit

Activists ask Walker to reconsider decision on high-speed rail ?(VIDEO)

Wisconsin not alone in trying to derail high-speed rail

Walker to U.S. transportation secretary: Use high-speed rail money for infrastructure

U.S. Transportation Secretary to Walker: Money cannot go for other projects

Gov. elect, Madison mayor at odds over high-speed rail future

Talgo: If train leaves state, so will company

WisDOT suspends work on high-speed rail

Gov.-elect Walker targets high-speed rail, road projects

State let Immel withdraw train shed bid after error

Walker tells high-speed rail advocates to ’slow down’

Kraemer & Sons wins bid for high-speed rail land bridge project

Madison ignores threats to high-speed rail project

Watertown residents want say in rail station project

WisDOT unveils high-speed rail station plans for Madison

Train station suitors could turn to developers

WisDOT says no high-speed rail stop for Oconomowoc

GOP governor candidates still say they’ll halt high-speed rail

Talgo project rolls on despite rail debate

Rail advocates tout regionalism in economic talks (VIDEO)

High-speed rail heads to Madison’s Monona Terrace

State sets sights on high-speed track to Minneapolis

Talgo project sidesteps local preference (VIDEO)

State must put up its own money for federal rail grants

Lawmaker tries to slow high-speed rail

Common Council approves Talgo, Ingeteam projects

Milwaukee, Madison in running for Talgo maintenance building

Consultant wants payback for rail idea

Rail hits resistance in Waterloo

High-speed rail grants lack DBE goals

State approves high-speed rail spending

Rail costs are hard to pin down

Cities seek balance between road and rail

Milwaukee train station renovation planned

Competition grows for rail money

Rail money sparks project, expectations (VIDEO)

Money woes threaten rail projects

Carpenters cheer high-speed rail announcement

Doyle loses on Milwaukee schools, wins on rail

GOP candidates take on transportation spending

Wisconsin on track to get piece of rail grant pie

Obama to award high-speed rail money

Hot Topics Blogs

Where’s the ‘official’ push to keep Talgo in Milwaukee?

Hiawatha line sees record ridership as state says ’sayonara’ to its rail

Watertown an island of high-speed rail discontent

Has competitive bidding been run over by high-speed rail?

Closed-door rail deal might not shut down Walker’s promise

It may be too late to ‘untrack’ high-speed rail

Do rail-related jobs add up?

Madison’s high-speed rail station could ramp up development

WisDOT throws Oconomowoc off the train

Dig this: State’s high-speed rail line is relatively cheap

Robbing rail to pay Hoan is a bridge to nowhere

High-speed rail bill prompts bigger question

It’s a good jobs week for Wisconsin

High time for action on high-speed rail

High-five for ‘high-speed’ rail

External Resources

WisDOT Project Page

WisDOT Rail Consultant Contracts

WisDOT Station Design Contract Specs (DOC)

Project Grant Application (WisDOT)

Cost Estimates for Project (WisDOT)

Scheduled Completion Dates

(Map courtesy of WisDOT)

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