Milwaukee Streetcar


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Milwaukee streetcar contractor boasts experience in light-rail, urban projects

(Rendering courtesy of www.milwaukeestreetcar.com)

(Rendering courtesy of www.milwaukeestreetcar.com)

Milwaukee’s downtown streetcar certainly won’t be the first urban light-rail system for its construction manager, Kiewit Corp., which has made its past work on these sorts of projects a point of pride.

Milwaukee streetcar project has a construction manager

Streetcar extension not on list of projects receiving federal grant money

Milwaukee negotiating with contractor for streetcar work

Milwaukee city development leader reappointment sent back to committee

City officials seeking developers for streetcar-related TIF

Cutting the cord: Technology will let streetcar go without overhead wires along part of route

Contractor interest in Milwaukee streetcar project larger than officials expected

Milwaukee applies for $20M grant to extend streetcar to new Bucks arena

RFP out for Milwaukee streetcar work

Milwaukee streetcar RFP expected this month

Senate won’t take up several bills targeting Milwaukee area

Milwaukee streetcar construction to include resident hiring requirements

Milwaukee officials sound off on state bills directed at city, county

Court upholds PSC ruling on streetcar utilities

Milwaukee official blasts state’s streetcar bill

Bill would ban Milwaukee streetcar project from using state money

AGC of Milwaukee looks back at 2015

Milwaukee likely to issue streetcar construction bids within 90 days

Downtown Milwaukee transforms in bustle of development

Milwaukee hops on streetcar contractor

Milwaukee gets $14.2M for streetcar

Group discontinues Milwaukee streetcar petition

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GRAIN EXCHANGE: Milwaukee Alderman Robert Bauman calls PSC letter on streetcar partisan politics

The city of Milwaukee could be forced to pay millions of dollars for utility work related to a planned downtown streetcar project.

GRAIN EXCHANGE: Detroit People Mover offers cautionary tale for planned Milwaukee streetcar

Advocates of the $64.6-million, 2.1-mile streetcar project often defend the transit line by pointing out Milwaukee is an anomaly among big cities without some type of rail system available to residents and visitors.

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