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Bill would ban use of coal-tar asphalt coatings

isconsin lawmakers are looking to ban the use of coal-tar-based asphalt sealants, a material that’s often employed in pavement projects but is also blamed linked to cancer and pollution. Recently introduced legislation, Senate Bill 716 and Assembly Bill 797, calls for a statewide ban on the use and sale of coal-tar-based sealants and other materials containing high levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs. PAHs are known to cause health troubles and environmental damage.

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Contractors clean up after scams

Darryl Enriquez darryl.enriquez@dailyreporter.com The $200 check Chris Fornal of Milwaukee left beneath his doormat was gone, as was the asphalt paving contractor who had promised to do inexpensive work. Dawn Brown of Waterford found that a promise made at her ...

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The sexy side of asphalt

By Jeff Moore Asphalt holds our roads together (somewhat), smells really nice and has more than 100 household uses. And I honestly don’t care one bit about it, at least the kind we use on our streets, walkways and such. ...

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