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Private sector embraces PLAs. Why shouldn’t governments?

State Rep. Rob Hutton's attempt to ensure "the importance of providing a neutral and competitive playing field" by prohibiting the use of project-labor agreements on taxpayer-funded projects flies in the face of the realities of today’s construction industry, and is a direct affront to the wishes and desires of the American electorate during the recent election.

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Key senator unsure about prevailing wage amendment (UPDATE)

Even as state lawmakers listened to testimony Tuesday on a bill that would repeal the state's prevailing wage laws, one of the main supporters of the proposal was calling for a change that would keep the government-set compensation rates in place only for state projects.

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Trades leaders plea for civil discussion on right-to-work (UPDATE)

Despite the opposition of one Madison sheet-metal worker, trades union members largely expressed agreement Tuesday morning with their leaders' call to reason with lawmakers over right-to-work legislation rather than take to the street in protest.

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