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The OSHA report (access required)

The Daily Reporter's weekly digest of companies that have been cited for OSHA violations during work around the state.

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The OSHA report

OSHA reports •    Wenzel Siding & Roofing, Wilmot, must pay a $750 fall-protection citation and a $750 fall-protection-training citation because the period to contest the violations has ended. The company was issued the citations Oct. 26 during a siding job ...

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OSHA Citations

Egbert Excavating Inc., Green Lake, reached an informal settlement with OSHA on April 16 to reduce a $1,500 specific-excavation-requirements citation to $750 and a $1,500 requirements-for-excavation-protective-systems citation to $750. The company was issued the citations April 2 during an excavation ...

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