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Industry split over stimulus success

By Paul Snyder Contractors disagree over what federal stimulus money will mean to the industry in 2010. “Most contractors are feeling the pain right now,” said Bob Barker, executive vice president of the Associated General Contractors of Wisconsin Inc. “Some ...

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Lawmaker challenges contractor registration

A state lawmaker, claiming the Department of Commerce has too loose a definition of the word “emergency,” is trying to overturn the agency’s contractor registration rule. “(DOC) went the emergency rule route so they can get it enacted quickly,” said ...

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Volley over prevailing wage continues

Sean Ryan and Paul Snyder sean.ryan@dailyreporter.com paul.snyder@dailyreporter.com The Wisconsin Legislature now is involved in an ongoing battle over whether the state’s prevailing wage rules should apply to municipal turnkey projects. The Assembly Committee on Labor soon will review a bill ...

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State closes in on penalties for cheating contractors

Paul Snyder paul.snyder@dailyreporter.com A state task force is cooking up what could be stiff penalties for contractors that misclassify workers for the state. By improperly classifying workers as independent, a contractor can pay them under the table and skirt payments ...

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State forces contractor registration

Paul Snyder paul.snyder@dailyreporter.com Groups representing Wisconsin builders worry the Department of Commerce’s mandatory contractor registration rule is just the start of state efforts to track construction companies. “I understand the state is trying to go after the bad actors,” said ...

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