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WisDOT report shows higher debt, lower road spending under Walker administration

A recent Wisconsin Department of Transportation report shows that spending on transportation projects has decreased under Gov. Scott Walker even as debt has ballooned.

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‘Scott-Holes’ campaign targets voters already upset over state’s roads

A banner image appearing across the top of scottholes.com, a website maintained by the group Safe Transportation Over Politics. The site features dozens of submitted photographs showing crumbling roads in various parts of the state.

With many likely voters anxious about the condition of Wisconsin roads, a group tied to the largest construction union in the state is skewering Gov. Scott Walker over infrastructure spending in a series of election-cycle ads.

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Public Lands Board member raises doubts about Bucks arena aid (UPDATE)

A member of the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, which administers money raised years ago through sales of school property, says the organization's relatively small reserves make it unlikely that it will play a large role in financing a new Milwaukee Bucks arena.

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