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Licensing debate continues after bill dies

By Paul Snyder Union officials are blaming counties for killing a bill that would have required licenses for crane and heavy equipment operators. Counties wanted their employees exempted from licensing, said Robb Kahl, executive director of the Construction Business Group, ...

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Who’s driving that 40,000-pound piece of equipment?

By Paul Snyder A proposal to license heavy equipment operators is overkill for an industry already with plenty to lose if the wrong person is running a big machine, according to a 31-year construction veteran. “There are some operators that ...

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Rule change threatens two-year architectural programs

By Paul Snyder A looming change in state licensing-exam requirements for architects may wipe out the value of Wisconsin colleges’ two-year architecture-training programs. The rule change would be “a step in the direction of requiring an accredited degree,” said Josh ...

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Judge strikes down interior designer law

Katie Nelson AP Writer Hartford, CT — A federal judge has struck down a Connecticut law that requires people calling themselves interior designers to get licenses or face fines and possible prison time. Tuesday’s ruling came after the Institute for ...

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