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Grounding and bonding conductors simplified

When complying with the requirements of Article 250, Grounding and Bonding, often we can get confused as to who, what, when, and where. Since the 2014 National Electric Code, sizing grounding conductors became a little bit more simplified, in my opinion, just by adding one new Table. I will attempt to share the complex by explaining to you how I see it.

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Changes to the 2023 National Electric Code

Mid-September, I was in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, attending the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (I.A.E.I.) Western Section Meeting where the new 2023 NEC took center stage with a majority of the topics discussed. In the next few Code Corner columns, I will try to arm you with understanding of some of the more significant changes so that you can be ready, if and when, your local jurisdiction adopts it.

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3-WIRE OR 4-WIRE?: Dryer and cooking unit circuits

In past code cycles, changes were made to branch circuits that serve dryers and cooking units. Some older rules effected dryer and range branch circuits, including air conditioning condensing units, where type SE cable with aluminum conductors was the preferred wiring method. All that can present challenges to electricians and service technicians that are unaware of the background of these circuits and may require different applications and remedies required while working on these types of existing circuits today.

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