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Indecision clouds future of solar power

Paul Snyder paul.snyder@dailyreporter.com Wisconsin lawmakers are in the driver’s seat to expand solar power construction but stuck in neutral over whether the state or utilities should pay for the projects. “It’s a numbers game that we still have to come ...

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Wind farm lawsuit challenges approval standards

Paul Snyder paul.snyder@dailyreporter.com Alternative power proponents suing Wisconsin over its approval of a wind farm argue the state cannot step on the law in the race to reach renewable energy goals. “It’s unfortunate that a wind project got caught up ...

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Wind farm bills survive public lashing

Paul Snyder paul.snyder@dailyreporter.com More than eight hours of public testimony mostly opposed to state guidelines for wind farm placement did little to kill bills that would limit local control of the energy developments. “It just underscores the reason why we ...

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Transmission upgrades could trump power projects

Paul Snyder paul.snyder@dailyreporter.com If Wisconsin improves the efficiency of its energy transmission lines, the state will not need to generate as much power. Renewable energy development and the state’s long-term goals for such projects could take a backseat if Wisconsin ...

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Industry hungry for digester projects

Paul Snyder paul.snyder@dailyreporter.com Developers and installers caution Wisconsin must be sure the economy is ready for another run on renewable energy before the state rushes into building new anaerobic digesters. “There’s not a lack of interest or motivation,” said Dennis ...

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