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COVID-relief bill has $10B to help state DOTs offset pandemic-related shortfalls

Rush-hour traffic travels Interstate 94 through Menomonee in June 2019. The $900 billion pandemic-relief bill passed by Congress on Monday contains $10 billion to help state transportation departments offset losses of revenue they’ve suffered amid the COVID-10 pandemic. Ever since much of the economy was shut down to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and many people told to work from home, vehicles miles traveled have plummeted in Wisconsin and other states. In Wisconsin, the resulting decline in gas taxes and other revenue sources is expected to result in a $215.8 million shortfall in the state’s next biennial budget. (File photo by Kevin Harnack)

The massive COVID-19 relief bill passed by Congress on Monday promises to help Wisconsin's transportation fund cope revenue shortfalls brought on by the pandemic even as it provides tax relief to businesses that took out a Paycheck Protection loan earlier this year.

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Budget proposal would broaden WisDOT’s powers to borrow for rehab projects


With a budget request that's likely to change greatly under the newly elected governor, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has proposed broadening its borrowing powers as a way pay for road rehabilitation work while avoiding any need to raise the state's gas tax or vehicle-related fees.

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With election looming, reckoning with Wisconsin’s crumbling roads may wait

With seven weeks to go in a competitive governor’s race, it’s unlikely voters will get a glimpse of a plan to repair Wisconsin’s much-maligned roadways before election day. A Wisconsin Department of Transportation budget request released on Monday shows details of WisDOT’s internal ...

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WisDOT report shows higher debt, lower road spending under Walker administration

A recent Wisconsin Department of Transportation report shows that spending on transportation projects has decreased under Gov. Scott Walker even as debt has ballooned.

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