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Milwaukee company vying for Neb. parking meter contract

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — The city of Lincoln will be doubling its hourly parking when new meters are installed downtown.

City officials on Wednesday will interview representatives of three companies vying for a city contract to replace the meters. And when the meters are replaced, the rates will go up to $1 an hour from 50 cents — the first rate increase since 1999.

Raising the rates will raise revenue and could well change parking behavior.

“The goal is to make the most convenient space available for short-term parkers and have high turnover in those spaces,” parking manager Ken Smith told the Lincoln Journal Star. The city wants people who need longer periods of time to park to leave their cars in the city parking garage, “which will be cheaper with the first hour free and a dollar an hour after that,” Smith said.

Kimley-Horn and Associates, of Phoenix, has been hired to collect information on parking trends. It will use the data to create a map and a database of usage to use in creating a model for the replacement of the old meters.

The city has about 1,300 meters downtown.

The three vendor candidates are IPS Group, of San Diego; Duncan Solutions, of Milwaukee; and a joint effort from IPS Group and Amano McGann Parking, of Minneapolis.

In its bid request the city asked for several meter features. Among them:

— The meters can take credit cards and prepaid parking cards.

— The meters can be changed remotely for holidays or other special events.

— The LED display can show tow-away, free parking or other messages.

— The meters can let people use phone apps to extend their meter time.

The city also is considering using meter kiosks in the West Haymarket. People would have to walk to a nearby kiosk to pay instead of paying at meters where they parked.

Information from: Lincoln Journal Star,

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