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Report: Wis. sustainability projects mean savings

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A new report finds a pilot sustainability program helped small and medium Wisconsin manufacturers realize financial savings as well as environmental benefits.

The state Profitable Sustainability Initiative was launched last year with a $1.75 million stimulus-funded grant awarded by the administration of then-Gov. Jim Doyle.

The grant enabled the Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership to tap the expertise of consultants to help factories implement projects designed to reduce waste and energy use.

According to a report released Thursday, manufacturers participating in the program are projected to achieve $54 million in financial savings while reducing waste and emissions.

The program was launched with 45 companies. Some of the projects are continuing, but the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports there is no state money to continue the program at this time.

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  1. If the savings are real, there should be no need for the state to fund any of it. If a $1.75 investment generated $54 million in savings, companies would be foolish not to fund it themselves. The pay-off of 25 to 1 should be enough incentive. If the program dies, it will only show that the savings were an accounting fantasy instead of a real addition to the bottom line for the participants.

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