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Pieters a ‘well-oiled machine’

By: Erika Strebel//March 14, 2019//

Pieters a ‘well-oiled machine’

By: Erika Strebel//March 14, 2019//

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Kyle Pieters - Miron Construction
Kyle Pieters –
Miron Construction

When Miron Construction chief executive and president David Voss Jr. asked Kyle Pieters to take on his first project nearly a decade ago, Pieters had a lot to learn.

He was sent by Voss to the small city of Monroe to manage the construction of a $25 million wastewater-treatment plant. Pieters was then only days away from graduating from college and had almost no familiarity with Monroe or treatment plants.

Looking back on the project, though, he can now say it was one of his favorites.

“For the two years I was down there for that project I became very passionate about wastewater and really got to know the guys who operate the system,” Pieters said. “For being such small town, it was truly a fun project for me.”

Michael Kennison, Monroe water and wastewater supervisor, said there were some troubles with engineering during the project and the city ended up suing the engineer of record. Pieters was with Kennison and his team in Monroe every step of the way.

“I can honestly say that I don’t believe I have ever worked with anyone who has been more dedicated to his job and the clients’ projects he’s in charge of,” Kennison said.

Now, several years after the completion of that project, Pieters remains at Miron, working for clients such as Festival Foods, Fleet Farm, Dane County and Kimberly-Clark. He’s also worked simultaneously on projects in Texas, Utah and South Carolina.

Pieters, who started as an intern at Miron before becoming a full-time employee in 2012, said he loves his job most for the opportunity it gives him to watch clients throughout the course of a project. It’s fun to see their expressions change as their conceptions turn into renderings and then into actual buildings.

“Every step along the way, they just get more and more excited,” Pieters said. “The expression they have on their face when they see that is just awesome to me.”

Much of Pieters’ success at Miron comes from his willingness to work hard, Voss said.

“Simply put, he’s a well-oiled machine that just doesn’t quit,” Voss said. “While by appearances, Kyle looks quite young, his work ethic and respect for people quickly put him on par, if not above more seasoned professionals. It’s not in Kyle’s nature to ever let anyone down, and his clients and team members realize that early on.”


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