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Unemployment insurance reforms protect system for workers, employers

Ray Allen is the secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

Since Gov. Scott Walker took office in 2011, Wisconsin's improving economy, along with a redoubled focus to protect unemployment insurance as a short-term safety net for those who are eligible, has stabilized the UI Trust Fund, reduced the tax burden on Wisconsin employers, and helped members of the workforce who are out of work through no fault of their own find new employment quickly.

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What does ‘open competition’ in construction really mean?


There has been a lot of talk of late about the use of project labor agreements on taxpayer-funded construction projects. Contrary to the propaganda being bandied about by contractor associations, a PLA is simply a market-based project management tool that has been utilized successfully in the private sector to achieve greater job site efficiencies that result in on-time and on-budget construction.

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Around the Water Cooler


Gov. Scott Walker signed into law on March 30 a bill that makes it illegal to use hand-held cellphones while driving through construction zones. Do you think this new ban will be enforceable and, if so, do you think it will make construction zones safer?

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