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Less than 1% of calls to state unemployment call centers were answered, audit shows

Caleb Frostman, Wisconsin secretary of Workforce Development, stands at the Wisconsin State Capitol on Jan. 7, 2019.  Frostman has been working to ensure people who receive Social Security disability benefits can also get unemployment benefits during the coronavirus pandemic. (Emily Hamer / Wisconsin Watch)

Fewer than 1% of calls from Wisconsin residents who lost their jobs during the pandemic were answered by state officials overseeing unemployment benefits, and the Evers administration did not report important information to lawmakers showing the full scope of the problem, a new state audit shows.

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Audit: Too much, not enough sent to Wisconsin unemployed

An unknown number of unemployed people in Wisconsin received too much, or not enough, in benefits from the state Department of Workforce in late April as it worked to process additional money in federal aid to help those suddenly out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic, an audit released Wednesday found.

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Bill would ban use of coal-tar asphalt coatings

isconsin lawmakers are looking to ban the use of coal-tar-based asphalt sealants, a material that’s often employed in pavement projects but is also blamed linked to cancer and pollution. Recently introduced legislation, Senate Bill 716 and Assembly Bill 797, calls for a statewide ban on the use and sale of coal-tar-based sealants and other materials containing high levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs. PAHs are known to cause health troubles and environmental damage.

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Bills to force lead out of schools, child-care centers, draw scrutiny

A pair of bills meant to force schools and child-care centers to rid buildings of lead pipes and other infrastructure could see changes after concerns were aired Wednesday about how burdensome the new proposed mandate could prove for schools.

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