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Christopherson’s drive for continued improvement on display everyday

Estimator of the Year –
Joel Christopherson, Walbec Group (Zenith Tech)

Joel Christopherson loved building things as a kid, and that passion led him to pursue a career in civil engineering later in life.

A graduate of UW-Platteville, Christopherson was hired after college by Zenith Tech as a project manager, estimating and managing bridge projects throughout Wisconsin.

He remained in that role until 2016, when he transitioned from project manager to estimating. His strong work ethic and competitive spirit line up well with his responsibilities as Zenith Tech’s chief estimator.

With his background in project management, Christopherson brings a thorough understanding of how Zenith Tech builds jobs. That knowledge helps him anticipate issues and provide solutions during the bidding stage.

Switching to estimating has also made it easier for Christopherson to balance work/home life demands. He no longer travels throughout the state managing projects, offering him more flexibility to be with family.

“Joel Christopherson leads the estimating group at Zenith Tech and is experienced at building and estimating some of the largest projects in the state of Wisconsin,” said Jason Samz, vice president of Zenith Tech. “His wide range of abilities stretch from complex urban freeway projects to heavy industrial construction.

“His dedication to his craft and continued improvement utilizing new procurement methods has made him an indispensable part of the Zenith Tech team.”

Christopherson takes pride in mentoring new estimators and helping them understand the process. His door is always open to others within the company who need guidance or feedback.

One of his keys to success, he said, is learning from mistakes and not being afraid to make changes.

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