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Hess sparks successful career by passing on knowledge

Electrical Engineer of the Year –
Dennis Hess, IBC Engineering Service

Electrical engineering takes more than just technical aptitude and the right education to be successful. It also requires a strong attention to detail, and that’s one of Dennis Hess’ biggest strengths.

Hess, senior electrical engineer with IBC Engineering Services, is highly skilled in electrical estimating, field coordination, project management and construction administration. With 33 years in the industry, he is highly respected by colleagues and peers.

“Dennis is such a great colleague and is always willing to share his expertise and give back to the engineering profession,” said his colleague, Amber Burke. “I also think it’s very rewarding for Dennis to boost engineer’s technical skills, which enable engineers to continue making advances that benefit society as a whole.”

Watching clients first walk into their new space is one of Hess’ favorite parts of his job.

“To me it is the ultimate compliment knowing I had a role in their satisfaction,” he said.

He takes pleasure in coming into an empty space and watching it grow into a piece of art, where people enjoy themselves and thrive at their work.

“Renovation projects are a challenging design,” Hess said. “When I walk into an existing building to be remodeled, I try to put myself into the original designer’s shoes, and imagine what their restrictions were, such as budget and technology, and then see what they have produced.

“Many times, their design gets removed and replaced with new state-of-the-art equipment and material, transforming a dark space to a bright, usable, friendly space.”

Each project is a team effort, and Hess enjoys guiding and mentoring young designers and engineers.

“Learning is not a one-way street,” he said. “Often the younger team members have ideas also, and incorporating their ideas gives them a new interest in the project and to some part makes it their own.”

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