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Garcia has her tentacles into everything at Ahern

Unsung Hero of the Year –
Michelle Garcia, J.F. Ahern

When Michelle Garcia was hired as an intern at J.F. Ahern in 1998, she didn’t intend to pursue a long career in the industry.

But she quickly fell in love with the work and the variety that comes with it.

“It felt great to help a customer or learn something new, so when my internship came to a completion it was an easy decision to stay on with Ahern,” Garcia said.

More than two decades later, Garcia is still at Ahern, making an impact every day as the executive administrative assistant for Executive Vice President Tim Schneider.

“I still love my work and am continually learning something new,” she said.

Colleagues of Garcia say that if she was an animal, she would be an octopus, because her multitasking and ability to get things done make it seem like she has eight arms.

Her standard job duties include supporting the Milwaukee office’s top leadership through scheduling, coordination and documentation. She’s also the acting Milwaukee IT specialist, does HR onboarding for new employees, works the front desk, orders supplies and even takes care of event planning.

“Ahern has a wonderful group of people — both field and office,” Garcia said. “Everyone is always willing to help out and find a solution, all with a smile. My job is never boring and provides a great variety from customer service to reviewing financial documents.”

Her colleague, Sierra Trojan, says what separates Garcia from other busy employees is that she handles all of her responsibilities with a smile on her face.

“Her attitude is nearly unmatched in positivity and optimism,” Trojan said. “If someone asks her a question and she doesn’t know the answer, she will work to get you the answer regardless of how many other things she has on her to-do list.”

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