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Relationships key to Swenson’s career success

Project Manager of the Year –
Bret Swenson, Walbec Group (Payne + Dolan)

For Bret Swenson, relationships are very important.

“Maintaining relationships with the client while cultivating relationships and advocating for subcontractors can be a balancing act,” said Swenson, project manager for the Walbec Group (Payne + Dolan).

“It’s looking for the middle ground, negotiating fairly and always providing direct and honest communication.”

A veteran in the industry with 30 years of experience, Swenson joined the general contracting side of Payne + Dolan in 2019. Since then, he has managed many high-profile projects, such as the 87th Street Reconstruction project on the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center campus.

“I love that my job allows me to be in the field each and every day building infrastructure that benefits our communities,” he said. “I really enjoy the variety of projects I am tasked with building as part of my position at Payne + Dolan.

“Working for Payne + Dolan and being part of the Walbec Group allows me to utilize a vast network of resources, as well as collaborate with other companies within our organization. By tapping into the knowledge of our technically diverse workforce it allows me to find solutions to our clients’ challenges.”

Achieving success in the construction industry depends on many factors. For Swenson, it begins with considering every project as an interview for the next project. He always aims to retain clients through consistent communication and exceeding their expectations.

“Bret’s tireless commitment to his work inspires everyone around him to bring their best,” said Jake Brucker, area manager-general contracting at Payne + Dolan. “The strength of his character shines through in every aspect of his work and allows him to form meaningful relationships that foster growth amongst the team.”

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