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Lori Walter – Tri-North Builders

By: Daily Reporter Staff//August 17, 2023//

Lori Walter - Tri-North Builders

Lori Walter - Tri-North Builders

Lori Walter – Tri-North Builders

By: Daily Reporter Staff//August 17, 2023//

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Lori Walter’s favorite saying is: “I’m trying to get everyone to play nice in a sandbox.”

“We all have the same project to complete whether you are the general contractor, subcontractor or supplier and sometimes we forget this,” said Walter, who is an accounting and Risk Management supervisor for Tri-North Builders. “At times we need to step back, really listen to the problem at hand and come together with a solution that will work for all parties, including the owner. The goal for everyone is to walk away with a completed project on time and hopefully under budget.”

Walter is a seasoned accounting professional with more than two decades of experience. She started at Tri-North in 2012 as a project controller, where she was responsible for working with commercial project managers on subcontracts, insurance, invoices and final payments.

Her current position involves various responsibilities, including mentoring and training the company’s accounting team.

“Every day there is a challenge, and I am learning something new,” she said. “My general tasks may be the same, but my days as a whole are never the same.”

Walter is also focused on overseeing project costs and insurance coverages as she serves as a partner for Tri-North’s project management and corporate teams. Her efforts are essential as they help ensure costs are tracked so project managers can stay in line with budgets and have timely payments.

“Lori is excellent at looking beyond the surface and digging in to problem-solve, which has helped improve both our risk management and our accounting processes,” said Tri-North Vice President Anna Stern. “We are incredibly grateful to have her at Tri-North and for the impact she has had in driving efforts for the company.”

When she’s not working, Walter loves to go camping with friends and family.

“I have watched a lot of events and vacation destinations through the lens of a camera,” she said.


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