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Jessica Grensavitch – Findorff

By: Daily Reporter Staff//August 17, 2023//

Jessica Grensavitch - Findorff

Jessica Grensavitch - Findorff

Jessica Grensavitch – Findorff

By: Daily Reporter Staff//August 17, 2023//

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Construction is in Jessica Grensavitch’s DNA. Most of her family works in the industry, so pursuing a career in construction seemed like a natural fit.

Grensavitch is a laborer foreman with Findorff. She has more than 26 years of experience and has spent nine years with Local 113.

“As a union laborer there is a lot of variety in what we do,” she said. “Currently I am working on The Couture — a 44-story high-rise laboring for a rather large carpentry crew. My main objective is to feed that crew with all the material needed to build our decks, which get poured with cast in place concrete.

“A good part of my day is spent flying these materials with the crane. There’s something in me that enjoys helping others so this definitely fulfills that need.”

Grensavitch has worked on many high-profile projects, including the Fiserv Forum, St. Camillus and The Couture.

“Jessica is known by many as a hard worker, solid tradeswoman and a great mom,” said Building Advantage Communications Director Katie Connell. “Jessica is a great representation of a tradeswoman as she sees herself as just one of the crew, not wanting any special attention for being a nontraditional craftworker.”

Even though attitudes have changed, one of the hurdles that Grensavitch faced when she first got into the industry was proving that — as a woman — she was up the job.
“Over the years I have made my mark and my name. Most of the guys across the industry — no matter what trade — know my abilities and my work ethic and I am now highly valued and respected,” she said.

Knowledge is power, Grensavitch said, and young women thinking about entering the trades should learn everything they can about their craft.

“Unfortunately entering the trades isn’t always the easiest thing for a woman, but with hard work and perseverance, you can definitely find your niche out here.”


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