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Take the plunge: Diving vet to speak at Muskego library


Keith Barber is a JobTrac data reporter for The Daily Reporter. He can be reached at keith.barber@dailyreporter.com.

Recovery is in the news a lot these days: find a missing jet; raise a downed ferry.

Now is the perfect time to take in a presentation on marine salvage sponsored by the Muskego Public Library.

At 7 p.m. May 20, the library will offer a program featuring commercial and sport scuba diving veteran Richard Bennett presenting a program on the raising of the Alvin Clark schooner. The 105-foot, two-mast schooner sank in Green Bay during a violent storm in 1863, and was raised 105 years later in 1969.

Bennett was one of the original dive team members.

The 40-minute presentation will focus on the history of the schooner, demise and recovery, salvage techniques and the future. Bennett has 60 years of experience in the diving industry, with more than 7,700 dives in six countries, four oceans, 200 lakes, four caves, more than 80 shipwrecks, and more than 100 dives under ice.

The presentation is free.

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