Wisconsin Roundabouts

Wisconsin Roundabouts

(Staff Photo by Kevin Harnack)

Since the turn of the 2000s, roundabouts have been a growing phenomenon on Wisconsin highways. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, 350 roundabouts have been built in the state through 2015.

WisDOT officials say the intersections make traffic safer and more efficient, largely because they reduce the severity of crashes while allowing drivers to yield rather than fully stopping at a stop sign or red traffic light. Opponents, namely Republican state lawmakers, say they harm businesses that rely on trailers to transport goods.

Legislators have regularly put forward bills since at least 2011 that would require WisDOT to get a municipality’s permission before building a new roundabout. So far, none have been signed into law.

Below is an interactive map with all 350 roundabouts that have been built through 2015. Clicking on the icons shows more information about each project.


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