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18 construction apps for 2018


Joe Yovino is the associate publisher/editor of The Daily Reporter. He can be reached at jyovino@dailyreporter.com.

Joe Yovino is the associate publisher/editor of The Daily Reporter. He can be reached at jyovino@dailyreporter.com.

Typically known for being slow to adopt new things, the construction industry is quickly catching up when it comes to using technology on job sites.

With a wide variety of apps out on the market, the future is now for the industry.

Here’s our annual list of the best of the best for 2018:

TimeSheet Mobile

A mainstay on the annual list, Timesheet Mobile continues to improve. Major updates allow users to create project checklists that the whole team can access so that work is done on time and on budget. Project+ also offers team messaging, image uploading/sharing, and the automatic translation of messages into other languages for multilingual employees.

All of this is in addition to its existing time tracking and scheduling system, as well as geofencing technology.

Contractor Foreman

18-constructionThe Contractor Foreman app was released in 2017 after its makers received from more than 700 contractors. The company behind the app brags that it’s perfect for residential and smaller commercial-construction companies.

The all-in-one project-management software starts at $16 a month and allows users to perform many functions, including making invoices, punch lists and timecards, scheduling safety meetings, tracking expenses, and drawing up reports and forms and checklists.


PlanGrid has made the top apps list every year because of its ability to let stakeholders in various disciplines collaborate on all their project plans, specs and photos from anywhere. The app has been used on 500,000-plus projects since it’s inception and continues to be useful in the field.


SmartBidNet, a bid-management app, makes the list for the third time in four years. It allows GCs to access a web-based and mobile platform to streamline their bid-project data, documents and subcontractor communications during the pre-construction phase. It also streamlines processes related to prequalification, subcontractor management, invitations to bid and document collaboration.


Autodesk offers a full line of apps and software from BIM360, which allows users to manage a construction project from start to finish, to AutoCAD, which completes impressive 2D and 3D designs.

Another product, Autodesk’s BIM 360 Project IQ, identifies risks on a site before those risks turn into costly problems.


Drone use in the industry literally took off in 2017, and DroneDeploy is an easy-to-use app for both beginners and professionals. The app allows users to make flight plans on any device, live-stream a first-person view and map over a large area.


More than 200,000 projects have trusted Fieldwire for plan views, task management, punch-list compilation and issue tracking, instant messaging and construction scheduling.

Users can create tasks tied to blueprints, job sites or projects, and categorize tasks by job type and share drawings and more with colleagues.

Priority Matrix

Priority Matrix is an app that helps construction teams manage day-to-day action items and track project updates. The free app centralizes project documents, action items and communication in one place.

Safety Meeting App

The app, which originally made our list in 2015, is back in 2018 with a new, rich checklist feature that other apps can’t match. It can be accessed from anywhere and covers 34 trade types with more than 950 topics for safety meetings.


ProjectManager contains features such as task management and time sheets, both of which can be updated remotely. It also contains interactive Gantt charts and a real-time dashboard to make project management easy.

PENTA Mobile Field Inspections

Brookfield-based Penta Technologies’ app allows field inspectors to record and transmit job labor, equipment and production data instantly. The work recorded on the crew foreman’s mobile device is automatically deposited in payroll, accounting and billing queues for immediate review, approval and distribution by designated personnel.


This construction-management app allows users to dictate notes for NoteVault’s transcribers, which will convert speech to text and provide daily PDF reports. Users can add photos to a log book, have construction reports sent to their teams and timestamp each document. Its most useful tool, though, is its compliance calendar, which can help mitigate risks, increase safety and protect the business and its workers.

Construction Master Pro

There are plenty of calculator apps being used in the field, but Construction Master Pro has a few more features than some of its competition. You can review, save and email inputs and send files as PDFs, and it’s just as easy to use as the old, bulky calculator you used to carry in your pocket.

Concrete Foundation Estimator

The free productivity tool is designed to simplify and speed up estimating and bidding on concrete projects. With more than 300 logic formulas, it makes estimating and bidding on concrete work easy.


This Canadian startup company has made a useful timekeeping app that gives users instant access to which employees are on the clock and where you can find them. It also makes payroll a breeze by connecting directly to existing accounting systems.

The safety app also lets employees report hazards as soon as they are identified, so incident reports can be sent in in real-time.


FINALCAD was designed for workers and supervisors in the field and covers 22 construction trades. The app is used daily by more than 100,000 people in more than 80 countries and covers everything from BIM to object recognition.

Fall Safety App

Let’s hope you’ll never need this app, but it’s helpful to have in case of an accident. The app adds fall detection to both iPhones and Androids. Once a fall is detected, FallSafety alerts your emergency contacts by text, voice, and email, providing GPS location information.

Jamf Now

This cloud-based Mobile Device Management app won’t help you build a building or a road, but it will make your life easier by managing all your Apple devices. With Eau Claire-based Jamf Now, you can configure settings on all of your Apple devices quickly and consistently on various devices. It also allows you to add apps wirelessly to other devices and reassign licenses as your workforce changes.

About Joe Yovino

Joe Yovino is the associate publisher/group editor at The Daily Reporter. He can be reached at jyovino@dailyreporter.com or 414-225-1829.


  1. Mike the Construction Contractor

    I’ve use 2 of these but have tried four from the list.

    Contractor Foreman – Currently using and really love it. Very simple but lots of features.
    Safety Meeting App – Used it years ago and it was good but missing features I need.
    Note Vault – Tried it but no longer using it.
    Construction Master Pro – The best calculator app for contractors.

  2. We are using actiTIME – simple tool for time tracking:

  3. Thanks for this great blog. Here I want to share some benefits of construction scheduling software i.e.
    data driven decision making, real-time updates, integrations, resource and waste management, cost analysis, green construction, time management.

  4. Contractor Foreman is honored to have made the list. To say thanks to all of the readers, save 30% when you use coupon code: DAILYREPORTER

    Starts at $16/month.

    New features are being added constantly. Try it for free or schedule a free demo at http://www.ContractorForeman.com

  5. Hi Joe, I think you forgot about iNeoSyte – Daily reports app. You did include it in your review for 2017. There’s been several improvements thanks to the growing user & client base. There’s a free 14-day trial. Quite fast and easy to do daily site reports.

  6. Great article. I still believe that the best for construction business is to get your own mobile applications that are specific to your business. You can’t get competitive by using the same tools as everyone else in the business, even more considering that every business faces different challenges. If you’re interested in developing your mobile app for your construction business, don’t hesitate to check out the site of Sidekick Interactive. We specialize in mobile apps for the construction business.

  7. Great article good info about apps we use desi apps in canada

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