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Numbers add up to a successful career for Lienhardt

Estimator of the Year –
Dylan Lienhardt, Miron Construction

When colleagues are asked about Dylan Lienhardt, two qualities consistently stand out: his positive attitude and natural ability to connect with others.

Lienhardt, a conceptual estimating manager with Miron Construction, has established himself in the industry as a teacher, mentor and friend who leads by example.

“Dylan is one of the best estimators that I have partnered with,” said Tim Ruppert, an architect at HSR Associates. “He is down to earth, team focused, accommodating and responsible. He helps to make the projects fun to be a part of and successful for everyone on bid day.

“When there are tough budget discussions, he is proactive to find solutions that work for everyone.”

Lienhardt often seeks the help of project managers and individuals in the field to assist with pricing. While he has a vast knowledge of estimating and of construction, he’s not afraid to ask for help and when he needs it.

Lienhardt is always looking for ways to innovate, streamline or add efficiency to his role. He has spearheaded several initiatives that have brought consistency and productivity to the process.

“In the conceptual world of estimating I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with owners and architects at an early stage in the design,” he said. “It’s rewarding to be able to influence the design of a project by simply running cost comparisons between different building and/or material types.”

One story in particular highlights Lienhardt’s character, said colleague Kristin Williams. Driving in to work one day, he noticed a woman stranded on the side of the road. He immediately pulled over to help and was willing to drive to the nearest gas station to get gas to refuel her car.

He doubled checked that she was OK before driving off.

“That is just the kind of person Dylan is, always willing to help,” Williams said.

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