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Walsh cares for the entire person at Miron

By: Daily Reporter Staff//October 12, 2022//

Walsh cares for the entire person at Miron

By: Daily Reporter Staff//October 12, 2022//

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Dave Walsh, Miron Construction
Servant Leader of the Year –
Dave Walsh, Miron Construction

Cura personalis is a phrase that Dave Walsh lives by.

It’s a Latin phrase that translates to “care for the entire person,” and Walsh also uses it to guide the way he breathes, models and teaches.

“I most enjoy the ability to do a bit of cura personalis for our team members,” said Walsh, executive vice president of human resources for Miron Construction. “And being a resource for a great team of folks so they can do their very best job every day.”

Walsh spent the first part of his career in law enforcement, most recently serving as chief of police for the city of Appleton. He’s the person at Miron who everyone depends on and leans on, from his family to his coworkers and the community boards he sits on.

One of Walsh’s greatest attributes is his ability to shine the light on those around him. It’s not unusual to hear him remind other leaders that part of their job is to absorb the criticism and deflect the praise toward their teams. He understands how important it is to recognize the efforts and investments people make in their work.

Walsh said that one of the qualities that separates Miron from others in the industry are the people.

“Our people are a bunch of Type A, self-motivated, passionate folks,” he said. “They recognize the value of building and keeping relationships, both internally and externally. And a rising tide lifts all boats, so when you work with this team you have to be at your best every day just to keep up. It’s an honor to walk among this team.”

Inclusion and equity are particularly important to Walsh and something he continues to push for at Miron. He was one of the early proponents of combining the company’s annual summits, bringing together management, support staff and field operations for one event, rather than having separate ones.


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