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Evers’ vetoes cut additional money for roads, design-build requirements

Before signing Wisconsin's next biennial budget on Thursday, Gov. Tony Evers vetoed legislative proposals that would have transferred money from the state's general fund for use in road work, trimmed requirements on an emerging design-build system and cut a proposal that would have put $10 million in tax dollars toward private construction projects.

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Bill would set rules for highway design-build after Gov. Evers’ veto

A bill introduced last week in the Legislature would set requirements for the use of design-build on Wisconsin road projects roughly half a year the state budget began permitting the use of the delivery method in this state.

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Transportation bills seek to balance higher revenue with reforms

Traffic passes through a construction site along Verona Road near Madison in July 2018. Republican lawmakers are preparing to release a group of bills meant to raise money for road projects and make various changes to Wisconsin’s transportation policies and procedures. (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)

Wisconsin Republicans say a proposed gas tax is dead-on-arrival and have introduced a set of transportation bills calling for a funding alternative and a number of department overhauls meant to cajole skeptical lawmakers into assenting to a revenue increase.

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Design-build delivers success everywhere (except Wisconsin)

Richard Thomas is
director of state and local legislative affairs at the
Design-Build Institute of America.

If the state of Wisconsin was considering legislation to spend its scarce transportation dollars to pay contractors to build projects “without having to face any competition” in infrastructure “beauty contests” that only reward out-of-state “industry giants,” as described by The Daily Reporter in a recent editorial, then the state’s taxpayers should be very alarmed.

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