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Scott Walker’s State of the State speech short on details

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker speaks to a joint session of the Legislature in the Assembly chambers at the State Capitol for his State of the State address Tuesday. (AP Photo)

If you like gratuitous Green Pay Packers love, Tuesday’s State of the State speech was for you.

Gov. Scott Walker devoted several minutes to the Packers near the beginning of his first address, even turning the floor over to team president Mark Murphy, who spoke to the Legislature via teleconference.

It was the kind of sugary substance that would define Walker’s speech.

If you’ve followed politics in Wisconsin during the last few months, you probably could have guessed nearly everything Walker said, with one exception: Walker said the state Department of Transportation has created a plan for reconstructing Milwaukee’s Zoo Interchange that would “save the taxpayers $600 million.”

Walker declined, though, to provide details during the speech, just as he declined to tip his hand on policy specifics. Walker signaled the state’s disastrous budget would soon take priority over job creation, but he did not address the tough decisions he alluded to, other than to say state employee benefits and “entitlement programs” would be on the chopping block.

Walker gave plenty of numbers, but offered few opportunities for applause lines. And he only spoke for about 30 minutes, a relatively short address.

Democrats responding to the speech had little content to draw from, and instead reverted to criticisms over the special session that began during Walker’s first week in office.

There wasn’t much about the speech itself to complain about.

But Walker also didn’t lay out much of a map for how he’s going to approach the state budget. At least everyone knows Walker likes the Packers.

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