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Union warns of boycotts for lack of support

R & R Pizza displays a sign in support of government unions in the front window of the business Wednesday in Union Grove. Numerous Union Grove businesses have been threatened with "public boycotts" by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union. According to the letter businesses received Tuesday, they will be targeted for declining to display a sign stating, "This business supports workers rights," with an AFSCME logo. (AP Photo/Journal Times, Mark Hertzberg)

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Some members of the State Employees Union are warning businesses in Wisconsin to either support collective bargaining for public employees or face a boycott.

A letter from Council 24 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees asks businesses to express support by displaying a sign in their window. The letter says failing to support the union will mean a public boycott of the business. And, that neutral means ‘no’ to supporting the union.

Jim Haney from the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce calls the union’s letter appalling. Haney said businesses shouldn’t be forced to choose if they want to remain neutral.

Council field representative Jim Parrett, who signed the letter, told the Journal Sentinel that he has gotten threatening phone calls since the letters were distributed, as well as calls of support.

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One comment

  1. This is what you call standing up for working families? Threats and extortion akin to the protection rackets of the 1930’s.
    Who the hell do you think owns, runs, and works for these businesses?
    And why is it, that only union members seem to count as ‘working families’?
    The vast majority of ‘working families’ in this state are not affiliated with any unions at all…so what are they?
    You hate ‘big non-union Walmart’ in large part because you claimed they hurt the small businesses, yet you now target those same small businesses for destruction?
    Who are you people? You cry out “shame!” in the halls of the capitol, and then promote a truly shameful act as this?
    Does this still make you ‘Proud to be a union member’?
    Al Capone would be proud…but then he ran a different type of ‘family’….or did he?

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