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Walker renews calls for union concessions

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Gov.-elect Scott Walker is renewing his call for state unions to pay more for their health care and pensions, saying it would help the state deal with a budget shortfall.

Walker issued a statement Tuesday morning saying approving the union contracts before he takes office would tie his hands in dealing with an estimated $3.3 billion budget shortfall moving forward. Democrats hope to convene in a lame duck special session as early as next week to approve the no-raise contracts.

Walker cites a Legislative Fiscal Bureau memo that shows this year’s budget could be $150 million short or higher.

He said union concessions could plug that gap.

Walker said he plans to discuss the information during a noontime appearance at the Milwaukee Press Club.

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  1. What happened to Mr. Walkers ad on tv where he said he gave back to Milwaukee County. I do not see him stepping to the plate asking for a pay cut. But he sure can stick it to the working man

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