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Evers signs bill defining autocycles, setting fees

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Tony Evers has signed a bill that defines autocycles in state law and establishes registration fees for the vehicles.

Autocycles are three-wheeled vehicles that seat one or two people.

The Republican bill defines autocycles as vehicles that have three wheels that come in contact with the ground, seating that doesn’t require straddling and a steering wheel. The bill establishes a $45 annual registration fee.

Evers signed the bill privately on Friday.

According to a state Department of Transportation estimate, 1,030 vehicles that fit the autocycle definition are now registered in Wisconsin as motorcycles for a $23 biennial fee. That fee generates about $11,845 annually.

The department projects it will cost about $160,000 to re-program computers to impose the $45 fee and create autocycle-license plates. The new fee should generate about $46,350 annually.

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